Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Not to good at this blogging thing.

So it has been a year since my last post. I have decided I'm not to good at this blogging thing. However I did keep up with some of my goals.

I was able to go down to part time and spend more time with the kids.

We were lucky enough to go camping with family and friends all season starting in April. Cole and Braxton were lucky enough to get them some dirtbikes which the hole family loves. Braxton cant ride it by himself yet but he will get there. He keeps asking for training wheels. Aerianna is getting pretty good she just needs to remember were the breaks are. Kyrah is really nervous. LOL. However she loves to ride in the Hardys rihno.

We also had some really exciting news this year. Cole was finally able to adopt Aerianna. She is so unbelieveable mature for her age. She was able to get the ball rolling in the hole process. She asked Jon herself if he would be willing to do this for her. Much to our surprise he said yes. He lives far away and he feels that this would be in her best interest as well. He knows that Cole loves this little girl and would do anything for her. We are so thankful that he did. Aerianna now feels our family is now complete and she is so happy to finally be a "Beard" like the rest of her family. The adoption was finalized on Oct. 13, 2009.

We had a great Christmas and New Years celebrating with Family. We are all doing well and are healthy. The kids are getting so big. We have so much to look forward to this year.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The New Year

So in starting the new year I thought we would give this blogging thing a try. As most of you know 2008 was a rough year. We definently had our ups and downs. This year we are going to try things a little different. I started to notice our family drifting apart and not being a family. I believe that this is happening because we are never together all at once. Cole goes to work by 6 am, and I am up at 73o getting Aerianna ready for school. She is out the door around 8:45. This is the only time I was seeing Aerianna during the week. So not much. I then babysit my little neice and nephew until Cole comes home between 2:30 and 3. Just in time for me to be rushing out door so I can be to work on time. I get off work at midnight to come home and do it all over again. So this leaves the weekends to get all our running around done, spend time together and taking care of ourselves. However my work has decided to have us start working weekends. Overtime. This now takes more time away from the family. People will tell me its only 8 more hours and its extra money, you will be fine. During this time I noticed my kids are growing up and getting so big. I am missing it and I have already missed so much with Aerianna. She is getting to the age she needs her mom around. So I have decided something needs to happen. So Cole and I have decide its time for me to cut my hours at work. I have only cut 8 hours and the change that has already made. Love it. I cant wait until I can cut another 8. So we can get even closer. So as for the New Year I have made some goals. I am going to list my goals here so I can held accountable for them.

1. Definently spending more quality time with the family. Camping, hiking, playing games together, taking walks, using our family Zoo pass my sister gave us for Christmas.

2. Becoming a wife again (not a roommate) I want us to be able to go out on a date at least once every two weeks. Once a week would be better but concidering our schedules I don't think the once a week thing will happen.

3. Spending one on one time with my kids. This has to happen once a week. Even if it only half hour reading a book together.

4. Taking time for my self. I need to lose a little bit of weight. 20 lbs would be awesome. Getting my hair done once in awhile, anything really to give me some me time to keep my sane. I really need to start taking care of myself along with the family.

5. Decorating my house. We need to make our home more homey. Right now its just not working.

So these are my goals for now. We will keep it updated on our progress. Maybe Cole will log on and add some goals of his own.